The overall perspective of the union is to introduce Iran as one of the countries with a standard furniture manufacturing industry, and help the country retain its first rank in the manufacture and export of furniture among twenty eight countries situated in the Middle East and Central Asia (CIS) in conjunction to the acquisition of an adequate share of the highly lucrative global furniture manufacturing market.


The Iran Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Union is a national and independent organization comprised of industry and decoration elites who pursue the global consolidation of the identity and growth potentials of the furniture industry through intra-guild synergy and extra-guild interaction. We are making an all-out effort to develop and expand the industry by relying on the collective power and competitive product manufacturing in order to create the right setting for the successful presence of the Iranian furniture manufacturers in international markets.


  • To implement intra-guild solidarity among the country’s furniture producers, and to create extra-guild unity with all wood and furniture industry organizations in Iran with the aim synergy and achievement of proper bargaining power for the furniture manufacturers in the country through modification and reform and reinforcement and development of training and research programs.
  • To establish and expand the competitive power and ability throughout furniture manufacturing units together with the development of the culture to produce competitive products.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart