Brief History

Iran Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Union was founded in the Year 2000 through the hard work and effort of a group of intellectual veterans of the furniture guild and industry. Rapid pace of the rebuilding and reconstruction trend in the 90s together with the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise in demand throughout the markets of the newly independent countries (CIS countries) and the start of a new round of investments I the furniture manufacturing units were among other reasons that the industry veterans of the second generation of the Iranian furniture industrialists decided to organize the unplanned trend of furniture export while assisting the full-aspect development of the industry.

The result was the foundation of the ‘Union of Furniture Exporters of Iran’ which was subsequently registered at Iran Chamber of Commerce. Some of the industry veterans include names like the late Javad Rajabi Rad, Saeed Sadeghi, Seyed Hossein Afshar Amin, Masoud Barmaki, Jamshid Saboori, Ali Reza Abbasi, Abdol Hossein Abbasi, Davood Masoumi, Hasan Sadeghi, Jahangir Aryanpoor Kashani, Mohammad Ali Shabasteri, etc.

The endeavor of these men to help promote the growth and development of the industry finally led to the foundation of the union in the Year 2010 after nearly ten years of relentless work, and following the decision of some of the designer brand furniture manufacturers to join. Moreover, in the same year the name of name of the union was changed to ‘Iran Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Union.

In accordance to the terms and conditions of the ‘article of association,’ Iran Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters Union has completed five three-year periods over the span of fifteen years of activity. Currently, the union is in the process of completing its sixth year of activity under the auspices of the sixth appointed board of directors. Moreover, during the annual general assembly meetings held in the middle of the year, the board and inspectors’ performance report is communicated to all the respective members.