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The most important events of Iran Wood and Furniture Industry Specialized Exhibition is held in the form of three (3) different annual exhibits as follows:

  • HOFEX – Home Section
  • HOFEX – Office Section
  • Furniture Industry Machinery and Fittings International Exhibit

Also, other exhibitions are held throughout the year in the larger Iranian provinces like Eastern Azerbaijan, Khorasan Razavi and Esfahan.

Importing furniture into Iran is subject to a tariff which is calculated based on the base prices.
The tariff rate for furniture import to Iran is -------%, and the base price applied in calculating the correct tariff (minimum price) for different types of imported furniture from the countries and/or regions of origin such as China and the Far East as well as Turkey and Europe varies between USD8 to USD12 ($8 - $12).

The national associations of Iran wood and furniture industry include:

  • Iran Furniture Manufacturer and Importers Union (consisting of the furniture manufacturing brands in Iran)
  • Synthetic Neopan and MDF Cover Employers’ Association (consisting of cover and neopan and MDF conversion units)
  • Iran Wood Industry Employers’ Association (consisting of industrial units manufacturing crude neopan and MDF from wood)
  • Wood Product Suppliers Union (consisting of commercial units supplying wood and raw wood materials)

Furthermore, other guild associations and cooperatives also have active woodwork and upholstery units in province capitals the largest of which include the following:

  • Tehran Woodwork and Upholstery Union
  • Tehran Woodwork and Upholstery Cooperative Company
  • Nationwide Woodwork and Upholstery Cooperative Companies Union

The total value for the annual consumption of various types of furniture in Iran based on the value of the required raw materials and also the import of different lines of furniture into the country is estimated to be approximately USD7.5 billion.

The import and export value of furniture to and from Iran over the past ten (10) years has been in the order outlined below:

What is the annual worth of furniture imports and exports in Iran within the past ten (10) years?

The number of manufacturing units active in Iran wood and furniture industry based on their dimensions has been estimated as follows:

  • Large-size manufacturing units: Approximately 60 units
  • Medium-size manufacturing units: Approximately 200 units
  • Small-size manufacturing units: Approximately 10000 units

Moreover, the major concentration of Iran wood and furniture industries is concentrated in Tehran, Alborz, Khorasan Razavi, Eastern Azerbaijan, Qom, Esfahan, Hamedan, Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan provinces, respectively.

It should also be mentioned that the largest manufacturers of wood chip and MDF from raw wood are located in Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan provinces.

Major products of Iran furniture industry include: Different types of classic furniture (style) with woodcarving, various modern wooden furniture, furniture designed to provide comfort, different bedroom sets for the adults, teenagers and kids, various office chairs and furniture, kitchen cabinets, wall closets and TV tables, different building doors and parquet as well as furniture and outdoor alcoves.

It should also be pointed out that different kinds of particleboards, MDFs and MDF profiles are manufactured on an industrial scale by Iran wood industry sector.